Principal Investigator: 

Puni grew up in the suburbs of Chennai (Madras), India. He emigrated to the USA for graduate school in 2000, and discovered his passion for an atom-first exploration of biology. He moved to Stillwater, OK in 2009, and values its college-town ambiance that affords a healthy work-life balance.

Doctoral students: 

Ankur Biswas (2023 – )

Sholoni Das (2023 – )

Parna Ghosh (2021 – ) Magnesium and its relevance in freshwater ecosystems.

Yetkin Ipek (2018 – ) Ionomics of cyanobacterial growth.

Alumni (PAC= position after completion):

Postdoctoral associates:

Clay Prater (2020 – 2023) NSF Rules of Life Postdoctoral Fellow. PAC: Research Scientist, University of Arkansas.

Rachel Hartnett (2018 – 2021) College of Arts & Sciences Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow. PAC: Assistant Professor, Mount St. Mary’s University, MD.


Ryan Sherman (2014 – 2019) Ecology and evolution of phosphorus use in Daphnia. PAC: Assistant Professor, MacMurray College, IL. 

Patrick Lind (2013 – 2018). Nutritional stoichiometry of organisms at the base of freshwater foodwebs, beyond the Redfield ratio. PAC: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Arkansas. Current position: Aquatic Ecologist, Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Adam Simpson (2012-2017). Investigating the evolutionary origins and mechanisms underlying xenobiotic sensitivity using resurrection ecology. PAC: Lecturer, Pennsylvania State University, Erie. Co-advised with Jason Belden.

Jared Goos (2011-2016). The Stoichiometry of Sexual Dimorphism in Hyalella Amphipods. PAC: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas, Arlington. Current position: Clinical Research Scientist, BioFire Diagnostics, Salt Lake City, UT.

Priyanka Roy Chowdhury (2010-2014). Sources, mechanisms, and consequences of intraspecific variation in stoichiometric traits of Daphnia. PAC: Darwin Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Current position: Assistant Professor, Keene State College, NH.


Danielle Alba (2015). Life in the extreme: The evolutionary stoichiometry of Poecilia mexicana. Co-advised with Michi Tobler. 

Undergraduates (only those who conducted independent research over at least 2 semesters are listed):

Ben Nelson (2018 – 2021) Protein accrual rates in Daphnia. Niblack Scholar. PAC: MD school.

Tyler Johnson (2017 – 2021) Iron-fecundity relationships in freshwater zooplankton. PAC: Graduate school.

Taylor Brooks (2017- 2018) – Honor’s Thesis Co-advised with Wilder. PAC: USFW Intern.

Kristina Baker (2013 – 2017) – Niblack, Wentz Scholar. PAC: PhD school. 

Asad Rehman (2013 – 2014)  – Wentz Scholar. PAC: MD school.

Marc Cordi (2011 – 2013) – Wentz Scholar. Transferred before graduation. 

Rosa Yorks (2009 – 2013) – Wentz, Niblack, and Goldwater Scholar. PAC: DPharm school.

High school students

Britney Nelson (2020-21) Dietary phosphorous by dissolved iron interactions on Daphnia growth. Morrison High School, OK.

Nicole Biddinger (2012 – 2013) Heat tolerance of ancient Daphnia genotypes. Bartlesville High School, OK.