The central goal of my teaching/mentoring philosophy is to instill wonder (and importantly, confidence) by highlighting the unknown (as opposed to orating the known). Thinking about some basic phenomena we know little about (i.e., reliably predict or explain) is an effective medium to convey key knowledge while also preserving independent, critical thought required for sustained innovation.

Regardless of level, courses typically contain about 10 learning outcomes/goals. 3-4 class sessions will be spent on each goal. Honing skills for critical thought and efficient communication are front and center in all courses.

I currently teach three courses. Please email me for syllabi and more information about each course.

BIOL 2003 Biology for the Informed Citizen. This is a science course (with “N” designation) that exposes non-biology students to basic biological information for a healthy and safe life. Every Fall semester.

BIOL 5133 Evolutionary Ecology; a graduate level course integrating ecological and evolutionary concepts (and their interplay). Spring of odd years.

BIOL 5020 Atom-first biology: What? why? how? A graduate level course for any student wanting a different perspective on biology. One championed by RJP Williams and others. Importantly however, we will not dwell in the chemistry too much. This course is about generating hypotheses, and/or rigorously testing hypotheses arising from this perspective to further biology. Spring of even years.