We help students learn. Actively. Regardless of level, courses typically contain about 10 learning outcomes/goals. 3-4 class sessions will be spent on each goal. Honing skills for critical thought and efficient communication are front and center in all courses.

I currently participate in three courses. Please email me for syllabi and more information about each course.

BIOL 2003 Biology for the Informed Citizen. This is a science course (with “N” designation) that exposes non-biology students to basic biological information for a healthy and safe life. Every Fall semester.

BIOL 3053 Freshwater Issues. This is a natural science course (with “N” designation) for non-science majors focussing on the science and societal implications of freshwater. Spring of even years.

BIOL 5133 Evolutionary Ecology; a graduate level course integrating ecological and evolutionary concepts (and their interplay). Spring of odd years.